A heroing blog of one woman who is continuously reclaiming life through faith, love, acceptance, loss, balance and everything that brings her to and from those things.     It's a ride!  Buckle up!



Hi there! I'm Tia. I am a Christian, a military wife, a mom, a registered nurse and a flawed human. I struggle with different seasons of life just like everyone else. My biggest struggles have been with anxiety (lots and lots of it), depression, PTSD, grief and doing it all...for EVERYONE! I am a work in progress. I have always been a ''closed book', but my spirit has spoken to me on several occasions to let me know that the only way to to fulfill my purpose is to give to others from the experiences and lessons that I have learned. I decided after much internal resistance that it is time to comply with my spirit, to be vulnerable and trusting.  It is time to open up my life book now...so here I am!  If I can help others on this journey of life through my experiences and knowledge then the purpose of this blog has succeeded. Sometimes it's a moment, hour, a day, a week, a month, a year or even a longer season that we are struggling to understand. The good news is that we are constantly learning, growing and guess what?...It is all going to be okay. Wisdom is the key to life and you can't find wisdom in comfort, but rather it's the comfort that is found in the wisdom. So laugh with me, cry with me, judge me or understand me....this is me and it's all real.

Buckle up buttercups and let's be renewed together.

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"You've been brave so many times, now it's time to be free"-



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